Victor Dudko Chapter 1


We start with Victor Dudko, the man, not Victor Dudko, the character created by Victor Dudko, the man. Victor Dudko, the man was born, in 1990, and raised in Bundoora, a suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne. His Ukrainian father liked the name of the suburb as it sounded like the Ukrainian national musical instrument, whilst his German mother was of a more pragmatic nature and appreciated the value for dollar they received in that location.

Victor, the man’s parents had met while working in Royal Melbourne Hospital. The father, Taras, was an orderly, and the mother, Inge, was a nurse. Taras died when Victor was 10, in an accident at Southern Cross train station, which was called Spencer St Train station at the time. Taras was an alcoholic and was very drunk at the time. He was waiting for his train as he was going to visit a friend to go fishing, when he took an almost empty bottle of vodka out of his pocket, only for it to bounce instead of break. A bleary-eyed Taras, thanked his lucky stars but as he bent over to pick up the bottle he overbalanced and fell, tumbling onto the train tracks, a second before an incoming train arrived, killing him instantly.

Inge was now widowed & Victor (growing into the man), who was an only child had lost his father. Soon after, Inge got a job nursing for a plastic surgeon which paid more money and had better hours than the hospital job. The doctor who owned the surgery was named Daniel and he was an older gent who was a widower, with no children. He admired Inge’s own neatness and precision, and they soon began seeing each other. Daniel was a nice man, who was kind to Victor (not yet the man) and after a brief courtship, Daniel and Inge married. The year was 2003. Victor was turning 13 and the new family moved into Daniel’s house in Toorak and Victor (becoming the man) started at a new school.

Victor (almost the man) was an average student who flew under the radar at school. He was a B student, OK at all sports and just one of the gang. Upon graduating from school he took a gap year, financed by his very wealthy step-father, and backpacked around the globe. He worked menial jobs along the way, and did manage his money well, but nothing really changed his general apathy towards life. Everything was just OK in his eyes, and the term, “Meh” which had yet to become popular, perfectly described his attitude. Movies were about the only thing that he was truly interested in. Upon returning to Melbourne he started an Arts degree & just scraped through in his first two years before he decided to throw in the towel with respect to his studies. The year was 2012 and Victor had just turned 22. Daniel had bought him an apartment in Collins St in the city. It was a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom place on the corner of Spencer St, with a view of Port Phillip Bay as it was on the 19th floor with floor to ceiling windows. Victor (the man) was comfortable, but he knew Daniel’s generosity had its bounds, so he needed to find a job. He wanted something that would give him free time, whilst avoiding lots of contact with people. He saw an ad for train driving jobs, so ironically, considering how his father had died, he signed up and started training to become a train driver.

Victor (the man) took to his job with relish and living across the road from work, and being in the middle of the city, enjoyed the anonymous lifestyle he craved. He did have a few friends from school days, but they mainly caught up via facebook, and he was liked by his work colleagues, but didn’t socialise with them outside of work. Tragedy entered his life again in the winter of 2014. Daniel and Ingrid were on a European holiday and were in Inge’s home town of Traunstein, Bavaria. Being in the northern hemisphere it was summer, and the couple were enjoying exploring the area by bicycle. They would pack their backpacks and set off after a Bavarian breakfast of salty pretzel and white sausage with mustard. The accident happened when they were returning from a day in the nearby forest where they had enjoyed a picnic and had even made love on a blanket. Daniel was quite elderly and their amorous escapade which surprised them both left him fatigued and sore. They decided to return to their room earlier than usual for a rest so tried to look for any possible shortcuts. On their way back they consulted the map and saw that the railway crossing was a considerable distance away, so they would just cross where they could. They were walking their bikes across the tracks when Inge was startled by the sound of a horn from a truck in the distance. Her foot caught in the train tracks and she overbalanced, falling over her bicycle. Because she was holding the handlebars and she was wearing a backpack she fell awkwardly and heavily, not bracing her fall. Inge hit her head on the railway line and was knocked out. Blood poured out of her head, contrasting with her white-blonde hair. Daniel pushed his bike away and ripped off his backpack as he ran to his wife. With his medical training he knew the first consideration was to remove Inge from danger. She was lying on the rail line and he needed to move her as she was unresponsive. Daniel was almost as tall as Inge who was almost 6 feet tall, but she outweighed him, not that she was overweight ….. Inge was a former athlete and was once almost an Olympic rower, yet Daniel was very slight, with delicate, almost feminine features.  Daniel pulled Inge with all his might, but he was not naturally strong, he was exhausted from their earlier exertions, and he was sore. He tried to revive Inge, but there was no response. He couldn’t move her, and he couldn’t wake her. He managed to stop the bleeding, however and tried calling out for help, but the area was quiet at that time of day. It was seven minutes later when Daniel heard the inevitable sound of an approaching train. He knew his beloved wife was going to die. He had spent his last day with her experiencing the ultimate ecstasy, and it was upon this reflection that he decided to join his Inge in the afterlife. He didn’t want to be a widower a second time, so he laid down next to Inge and wrapped his arms around her, spooning her. The vibrations on the tracks and the sound grew in intensity and just before the train struck them, Inge woke. Daniel kissed her and told her he loved her, yelling over the noise of the train as he squeezed her with all his might. They did not suffer.

When the news of their deaths reached Victor (the man), he went into shock. He resigned from work immediately and withdrew into his apartment, only going out to get groceries. He was contacted by someone who he immediately forgot about, who arranged for funerals and for the substantial inheritance to be transferred to him, but that time from mid 2014 until the end of the year was a blur.

Eventually he was contacted by an old high school teacher of his who had heard about the tragedy and decided to check on Victor (the man). Jack Sirko, coincidentally also had Ukrainian heritage, but that wasn’t why he contacted Victor (the man). Jack was facebook friends with some former students, only former students as he was one of those teachers (there are lots) who took an interest in the lives of his students. Jack’s own children were also friends with lots of his former students (only ever former students) and so when he checked up on Victor (the man), he forced him to go out for a coffee and chat. Jack and Victor (the man) went out for coffee every Saturday morning for 3 weeks until Jack was satisfied that Victor (the man) was out of his funk.

Victor (the man) settled into a new routine. He would catch the 109 tram to Port Melbourne beach in the morning where he would go for a walk and have a coffee. Then he returned home where he worked from home. He set up an office in his second bedroom and tried to become a writer. On Mondays he would go to cinema Nova in Carlton or the Kino cinema on Collins St to see festival films and he soon became a regular and started to get to know the other Monday regulars. Most nights he stayed at home and drank to excess, falling asleep in front of the television.

He even met a cute girl who worked at Kino, named Kala. Kala was originally from Hawaii and was studying in Melbourne, and working part-time. She was very short, only about 5 feet tall with a square body and skinny arms and legs. She may have had a body similar to Spongebob Squarepants, but she had the prettiest heart shaped face, with dark, but somehow sparkling, almond eyes set in flawless, caramel skin, a cute button nose, regal cheekbones and a large mouth framed by pouting lips, containing perfectly white, well-shaped teeth. Kala wore her hair in a bob at the back and side, with a fringe at the front, which she called, bangs. She had a small tribal tattoo that was actually true to her tribe, on her wrist and she had manicured nails that were a tad longer than usual. For Victor (the man) it was infatuation at first sight and he did everything he could to see more of Kala, except the obvious which would be to ask her out. He found out her schedule and went to movies whenever she worked, always ensuring she sold him his ticket and snacks.

As for Victor (the man) and his writing, he wrote, or tried to write, every day in the morning, after he returned from the beach. Victor (the man) was about 6 foot 1, a little on the heavy side, and had light brown hair and blue eyes. He wasn’t especially hairy and couldn’t grow a full beard, but he was shaved once a week, and had hair a bit too long, but not stylishly long, giving him an unkempt look. He favoured comfortable clothing and track pants were his favourite clothes, further “slobbifying” our protagonist.

Victor Dudko (the man) wrote about a character called Victor Dudko.  Victor (the character) was all that the man was not. He was a retired professional sportsman who was now a television actor, a regular on the television program, Neighbours. Victor the character was also an underwear model, as he had a spectacular physique, and he was also a successful writer in his spare time. Victor (the character), the busy boy, wrote and managed a series of Sirkobooks. Victor (the man) honoured his former teacher this way. Sirkobooks had their first chapter written and presented for free online, before people would send in their ideas for chapter 2. Victor (the character) would then choose two of those chapters and put them onto his website. From there the two authors chosen would choose two chapters written by others who had presented them to the authors. This would continue until 64 seven chapter books arising from the original chapter were made and presented.

It was truly the only good idea to spring from Victor (the man) and he got the idea from a class actually taught by Jack Sirko. Jack taught Biology, despite being predominantly a Chemistry teacher, and the Biology class about dichotomous keys inspired Victor.  

Things changed in a major way for Victor on New Years Eve 2016.

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