About Sirkobooks

Sirkobooks are a new way to read and be read.

Stories begin with one chapter, written by one writer which is then presented on our site, and is then free for anybody to read.

Writers then send in a 50 words or less synopsis of their chapter which would follow, and the initial writer chooses two chapter 2's to follow their chapter.

These two chapter 2's are then presented on our site.

The two chapter 2 writers, then accept synopses from other writers about chapter three's, and choose their two favourite chapter three's, which will then be presented. 

At this stage we will have four chapter 3's arising from the first chapter one.

This continues until chapter seven which is the end of each book.

We will then have 64 books presented from the one original chapter.

I'm really excited about this!

Can you imagine writing a single chapter for a book, with your unique story being presented, but not knowing where the story will go?

Each Sirkobook first chapter will be named after the central character of the chapter.

Then each chapter will be named for its lineage.

For example the first Sirkobook is Victor Dudko.

The two chapter 2's will be Victor Dudko 2a and Victor Dudko 2b.

The four chapter 3's will be Victor Dudko 2a 3a, Victor Dudko 2a 3b, Victor Dudko 2b 3a and Victor Dudko 2b 3b.

Each chapter synopsis will have a due date. 

Happy reading and writing :)

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